Saturday, December 02, 2006

Koret Oct shoot posted to flikr

I'm experimenting with Flikr as a place to place photo's for now, and then seeing maybe about getting a pro account. Got it makes financial sense.

sequences attempt I

Marisa best of Koret, November 2006

Marisa Style and Stroke, Koret, November 2006

Allison Wagner Style and Stroke, Koret, October 2006

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Koret November 2006

So the last two shoots at Koret were even better than the last ones. They seem to be getting better all the time.

Allison here is in the butterfly outreach position.

The water streams off her toes in the dive.

Well more to come shortly, still organizing the shots for showing.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Second Koret Shoot - MUA reqest

Very exciting, second shoot at Koret is this Sunday. Put up a posting for a Makeup Artist on Craigslist. Put together the following outline:

... The shoot is of olympic swimmer Alison Wagner and two other swimmers. There are two parts to the shoot, the first part will be of racing relay starts and turns. The swimmers will wear bikinis. Camera will try to capture motion in rapid succession using motordrive and / strobe combinations. 'Muybridge' style effects will be attempted here. Makeup for this part will be fairly basic, and mostly to counteract the negative effects of submersion on skin ( basically makes one look like a corpse! ) Some accented eye work could be good.

The other aspect of the shoot will be much more creative, and will be basically an underwater 'pantomine', where the swimmers/models will wear vitage clothing, like evening gowns, tight fitting bodices, corsets, flapper dress etc So the idea is to capture a lot of emotion like a Manga / Anime comic strip. Some of Howard Shatz's work is part of the precedence here, so lots of loose fabric and 'bare' or skin colored body suits. So here are plenty opportunities for dramatic expression and creativity as far as the makeup is concerned ... Japanese style theatre makeup maybe, or mabye something ghost like?

Swimmers in Motion - relay starts

I'm very excited to write that this Sunday we are going to do another underwater shoot at Koret. Allison Wagner along with Marisa will be doing relay starts / changes. Also Lara Maloney will participate in the 'fashion/pantomine' aspect of the shoot. Not only will I shoot the NikonosV but this time I will attempt to use an old F3 Nikon and a MD-4 inside of an underwater housing, in an attempt to get the multiple frames capturing image motion! I'll write more later ...

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Allison Wagner Chromes at Koret II

So some of the lessons learned from this shoot were:

  • No black / blue swimsuit, it blended out in the dark shots.
  • Swimmer got cold between takes, so provide hot drinks, robe, or keep swimming
  • Air supply would have been good, so next shoot going to organize a small scuba Pony tank.
  • Bracket f stop and stop one / two stops above coupling range.
  • Make sure flash was recharged between shots.
    • I did a few shots with B (bulb setting) with the flash, these turned out to be pretty interesting, but given air and a "tripod" and possibly multiple flashes in a dark ( nighttime ) pool could be really great.

      We also did some 'art' shot of Allison suspended in the water, so these are not part of the four regular strokes.

    Thanks again to Allison, Cathy, Vince and the Koret aquatic center for making this shoot possible. We hope to do another shoot like this again soon and see what we can improve on.

    Allison Wagner Chromes at Koret I

    On March 19th 2006 I set out with the Nikonos, three rolls of 100ASA film ( Kodak GX100, Provia 100 and 100F). Cathy Huang at Koret center kindly gave us permission to shoot in the deep end of the pool. I decided not to use scuba tanks this time, so the whole shoot was done by holding my breath. This was OK, but sometimes my bubbles got in the way. For instace here is Allison doing a turn and it's just not possible that those bubbles are hers.

    It looks like it was shot at night, but really it was the narrow f22 stop I used with the strobe set to TTL (this probably could have been open a couple of stops)

    It was amazing to be so close to Allison diving in to the water, it was like an arrow and very fast. So it was hard to capture. This was shot on M90 TTL f22

    Tumble Turn from side, here the f stop was opened up so there is some external light

    Tumble Turn from bottom of pool. (made B/W in photoshop)

    Thursday, March 09, 2006

    Sydney and swimming.

    Bronte Beach tide pool.
    Icebergs pool, the waves crash directly into the pool! The lane closest to the sea is the most fun, and it's full of seaweed and crabs!
    Clovelley Inlet Swimmer Diving in

    Swim at your own risk! Clovelley inlet, I went in but via the beach, it was pretty hairy!
    Bondi Roughwater open sea swim, looked like a lot of fun.
    Roughwater swimmers enter the sea.

    Roughwater swimmers at the end of the race.

    Gilly, my other brother-in-law, finished in 35 minutes and 20 seconds!

    Parseley Bay with Joni

    So somewhat inspired by Martine and by the warm water in Parseley Bay I was able to take these shots of Joni.
    Again these were shot with cheap Kodak film, and with a little manipulation in photoshop they came out fairly well. There was no strobe and I used a snorkel and fins to shoot them.

    Photos inspired by Martine Emdur

    Soon after I arrived in Sydney, I came across a catalog of an artirst called Martine Emdur, whom I unfortunately did not get to see, but her artwork as the exhibition was over, however they were very inspiring to me, they are oils of people swimming, some underwater, in what looks like a green dreamy nature pool or cenote. I found these images on the web at the galleries website.

    Results from the first Shoot

    So here are some of the images from the shoot I did with the help of my brother-in-law Baruch in the basement pool of my brother Sean's apartment in Sydney, what must be almost two months ago. I rented a scuba tank from Bondi Dive center for AUS$ 70 for a day and Baruch arrived at 2 that afternoon. We spent about an hour going over the preparation of the Nikonos V, mainly checking O-rings for leaks and discussing how we would do the shoot and possible distance adjustments for the focus, strobe and f stop. Baruch donned his blue and black 'stinger' lycra suit and we headed down to the pool. I only shot one roll of film and Baruch also took a few shots of me. The scuba gear was unyeildly and it would be preferable to have less gear! Also had the pool been deep enough, it would be difficult to shoot directly above as the regulator does not work well in that position! All in all the camera worked well, the strobe seems to have an effective distance of about 6 feet max! But that was fine as the 20mm lens enabled me to get a full body shot from about 4 feet away, the strobe is very powerful and seems to blow out the subject on the TTL setting, so in future I'll experiment with ISO setting adjustments and also try to use pro film. The film I used here was Kodak Gold 200.
    Freestyle Kick from behind ( changed to b/w in photoshop )

    Me enlarged from a 4000 dpi scan and as the strobe did not reach, made b/w as it would otherwise be very blue!
    Baruch, breastroking, head to side, not sure why?
    So here is me, in poor form as my head is looking at Baruch while he shoots, but ordinarily, I'd have my face pointing down and my neck in the correct alignment for freestyle.

    Tumbleturn attempt number three!

    So this was a good start I feel, camera and logistics starting to get ironed out.

    Friday, January 20, 2006

    Preperation for the First shoot

    Getting ready for first shoot of the Nikonos, Baruch Taylor, my brother-in-law, is coming over and we are going into the basement lap pool of my brothers apartment. I rented SCUBA gear yesterday in Bondi, AUS$70. Using 2 rolls of 200 ASA color film and 1 roll of 100 ASA chrome slide, and possibly a roll of TriX. Strobe is fully charged and about to clean and grease the o-rings.