Saturday, April 01, 2006

Allison Wagner Chromes at Koret II

So some of the lessons learned from this shoot were:

  • No black / blue swimsuit, it blended out in the dark shots.
  • Swimmer got cold between takes, so provide hot drinks, robe, or keep swimming
  • Air supply would have been good, so next shoot going to organize a small scuba Pony tank.
  • Bracket f stop and stop one / two stops above coupling range.
  • Make sure flash was recharged between shots.
    • I did a few shots with B (bulb setting) with the flash, these turned out to be pretty interesting, but given air and a "tripod" and possibly multiple flashes in a dark ( nighttime ) pool could be really great.

      We also did some 'art' shot of Allison suspended in the water, so these are not part of the four regular strokes.

    Thanks again to Allison, Cathy, Vince and the Koret aquatic center for making this shoot possible. We hope to do another shoot like this again soon and see what we can improve on.

    Allison Wagner Chromes at Koret I

    On March 19th 2006 I set out with the Nikonos, three rolls of 100ASA film ( Kodak GX100, Provia 100 and 100F). Cathy Huang at Koret center kindly gave us permission to shoot in the deep end of the pool. I decided not to use scuba tanks this time, so the whole shoot was done by holding my breath. This was OK, but sometimes my bubbles got in the way. For instace here is Allison doing a turn and it's just not possible that those bubbles are hers.

    It looks like it was shot at night, but really it was the narrow f22 stop I used with the strobe set to TTL (this probably could have been open a couple of stops)

    It was amazing to be so close to Allison diving in to the water, it was like an arrow and very fast. So it was hard to capture. This was shot on M90 TTL f22

    Tumble Turn from side, here the f stop was opened up so there is some external light

    Tumble Turn from bottom of pool. (made B/W in photoshop)