Thursday, October 26, 2006

Second Koret Shoot - MUA reqest

Very exciting, second shoot at Koret is this Sunday. Put up a posting for a Makeup Artist on Craigslist. Put together the following outline:

... The shoot is of olympic swimmer Alison Wagner and two other swimmers. There are two parts to the shoot, the first part will be of racing relay starts and turns. The swimmers will wear bikinis. Camera will try to capture motion in rapid succession using motordrive and / strobe combinations. 'Muybridge' style effects will be attempted here. Makeup for this part will be fairly basic, and mostly to counteract the negative effects of submersion on skin ( basically makes one look like a corpse! ) Some accented eye work could be good.

The other aspect of the shoot will be much more creative, and will be basically an underwater 'pantomine', where the swimmers/models will wear vitage clothing, like evening gowns, tight fitting bodices, corsets, flapper dress etc So the idea is to capture a lot of emotion like a Manga / Anime comic strip. Some of Howard Shatz's work is part of the precedence here, so lots of loose fabric and 'bare' or skin colored body suits. So here are plenty opportunities for dramatic expression and creativity as far as the makeup is concerned ... Japanese style theatre makeup maybe, or mabye something ghost like?

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