Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sea Horses

Kate Weare is an old friend and modern dance coreographer in New York. From an email dated 1/1/2007

" ... I think the photos of swimmers are gorgeous, by the way, been meaning to tell you that. You know, Kurt and I visited the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago (a very old institution) and I thought of you and the swimming shots, because the movement language of underwater creatures in so sublime and fierce and you captured some of it, particularly in that one swimmer who is long and sharp-bodied. It would be great to see her body without clothes in the water (don’t know if she’d be willing) not for any sexual reason but because her physique seems so beautifully formed for and attuned to speed, like a sting-ray or a shark. Anyway, the shots are fascinating, especially when the body is composed in a linear way against the flow of the underwater environment, like an arrow or a knife. I think the way gentler creatures move, like seahorses that just float and flow, could also be interesting to play with, but there you could run into more sexual innuendo, which may not be a bad thing, but just another element..."

I agree, the underwater shoot with Origami and light in a natural pool maybe moonlight. Muybridge shot some of his models without clothes, I don't think it would be sexual at all from my perspective. Water for me goes more towards the spiritual I think!

underwater syntax for travel

overdressed at Koret, too much gear! Photo by Tim Fogarty.

so I've started to make a list of the underwater swimming gear I have and need to take on an extended travel adventure.

swimming trunks x2
(first) + second stage ( the first is so heavy, may need to buy a nice lightweight one )
goggles ( swim, scuba )
nikonos ( service? o-rings etc )
leica ( for above water ) - digital / m6? or both!
strobe ( ? very heavy too, may have to leave in Berlin )(longer sync cord?)
film ( provia, gx, uc, triX, delta 3200, Infra-red? ( need darkroom nearby ) )
3lb lead shot bags
underwater slate and pencil
tri-suite / rash vest

Saturday, January 13, 2007

53 degrees Farenheit

Diving into water so cold that even a 3mm triathlon suit could not keep us in the water for longer than 23 seconds!

Deciding to try a change of venue, Marisa agreed again to be photographed up in my good friends home pool up in Santa Rosa. It had been cloudy and cold all week leading up to the shoot and the fact that the pool was solar powered made me quite nervous. On arriving Shane indicated to me that the pool was a nippy 53 degrees! Well that did not stop us from getting 4 shots in the pool. Good thing there was a hot tub nearby to warm us up. Sorry Lynne Cox, but it was really toooo cold!

Marisa at the Koret

Warmer film! - Kodak 400uc ( ultra color ) Thanks Piro for the suggestion!

So Marisa Churchill asked to be photographed for style and stroke correction by Allison. This time I think I've got the equipment under control. One pony, my new yellow modified side access demand valve 2nd stage. And just the NikonosV, the strobe also will be untethered from the sync cord for the first time and used in a manual like way - rapid succession firing, or not at all. Also I've started to experiment with films other that the cool blue provia chrome i'd previously used. The new warmer films I like are the Kodak E100GX, and the Kodak 400 Ultra Color. Also I found putting some orange/amber gel on the strobe was also interesting as warmed up the blues considrably.

Backstroke start.

Strange abberation of the Nikonos while winding and shooting at the same time.

I need a device that has a motor drive, or perhaps it is time for a video camera?