Saturday, January 13, 2007

53 degrees Farenheit

Diving into water so cold that even a 3mm triathlon suit could not keep us in the water for longer than 23 seconds!

Deciding to try a change of venue, Marisa agreed again to be photographed up in my good friends home pool up in Santa Rosa. It had been cloudy and cold all week leading up to the shoot and the fact that the pool was solar powered made me quite nervous. On arriving Shane indicated to me that the pool was a nippy 53 degrees! Well that did not stop us from getting 4 shots in the pool. Good thing there was a hot tub nearby to warm us up. Sorry Lynne Cox, but it was really toooo cold!

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Anurag.D said...

Wow! Very nice photograph. Would love to see a video of this. Very Nice.