Saturday, January 13, 2007

Marisa at the Koret

Warmer film! - Kodak 400uc ( ultra color ) Thanks Piro for the suggestion!

So Marisa Churchill asked to be photographed for style and stroke correction by Allison. This time I think I've got the equipment under control. One pony, my new yellow modified side access demand valve 2nd stage. And just the NikonosV, the strobe also will be untethered from the sync cord for the first time and used in a manual like way - rapid succession firing, or not at all. Also I've started to experiment with films other that the cool blue provia chrome i'd previously used. The new warmer films I like are the Kodak E100GX, and the Kodak 400 Ultra Color. Also I found putting some orange/amber gel on the strobe was also interesting as warmed up the blues considrably.

Backstroke start.

Strange abberation of the Nikonos while winding and shooting at the same time.

I need a device that has a motor drive, or perhaps it is time for a video camera?


Allison Wagner said...

These shots of Marisa help us in our work together - for example, it is often difficult to explain a distortion to Marisa when the distortion is "normal" to her and in her accustomed movement. Marisa and I can see the misalignment of her head on her backstroke start, the disconnection of her shoulders on butterfly and the sharp angles in her legs on breastroke kick - just a few elements I've noticed in the shots. There is much to learn - yeah! ---Allison, her "coach."

barbara said...

Its really surprised me a lot that how you do that...My friend here at aquabot too do lot of such stuff ; I mean color correction work of digital images on Photoshop- for prepress purposes....But I never saw any of his art touching perfection as these....

Grant said...

Thanks Barbara. Actually not so much photoshop, but the film.