Tuesday, January 16, 2007

underwater syntax for travel

overdressed at Koret, too much gear! Photo by Tim Fogarty.

so I've started to make a list of the underwater swimming gear I have and need to take on an extended travel adventure.

swimming trunks x2
(first) + second stage ( the first is so heavy, may need to buy a nice lightweight one )
goggles ( swim, scuba )
nikonos ( service? o-rings etc )
leica ( for above water ) - digital / m6? or both!
strobe ( ? very heavy too, may have to leave in Berlin )(longer sync cord?)
film ( provia, gx, uc, triX, delta 3200, Infra-red? ( need darkroom nearby ) )
3lb lead shot bags
underwater slate and pencil
tri-suite / rash vest

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