Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lining Off – Alex’s 12’ sailboat

Last Saturday class we learnt about Lining Off.  We discussed how to approach the Freda and it’s difficult shape.  A plank width vs station is created full size for the width, but scaled down on the section spacings, drawn on a small piece of wood ( 9” x 36” ) board.  A batton is laid down on the width ( derived from space/#planks ) coordinates and a faire curve is sort out.  The posibbly revised widths are harvested and the next few weeks of planking work can be known.

Here is Bob braving the cold and demonstrating this:



On a smaller boat, like Alex’s lovely 12 foot wooden sailboat.  It’s taking shape in his garage, and it just fits!  A straight edge is first  lain down, more or less on the diagonals.  Basically two elements are discovered with this process.  The shape and width of ones planks, important for lumber ordering as well as knowing if there are any reasons for scarf joints ( an 8 inch plank can be made to frown or smile ( exaggerated ) rather than one long 14 inch board ).   Furthermore, it also helps one to understand just how difficult it may be to build the boat.  Alex’s midsection is a beautiful wine glass S-curve, so it soon became clear that this was going to be hard to build, as it will be difficult to get the planks to bend around the moulds.  Additionally one learns plank widths and layout ahead of time, helping to plan a pleasing planking schedule and resultant aesthetically pleasing boat.


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