Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mallard – new motions

Rodeo beach, sunset, awesome almost unreal.  Next thing there are these ducks, real green heads and all, perfect vehicles for water, and air.  Would it not be cool if kitesurfing met high performance sailing … fanciful for sure, but the thought of rising out a trough, then taking air would be a fun ride, Mallards rock!



Here is Delta Dog, growing up everyday …


Sunday, January 10, 2010

x.y.z. points and why?

Layout and rough carvings for the beginnings of a pepperwood or bay laurel rounding plane



It’s hard to keep within the lines, I went over, but was able to save the piece by adding a filler tenon in the throat and mouth.

The fascination I have with wooden boat craft, as seen in current writings:

From Oren Kredo an, interesting article in today's New York Times
Finding an Answer to Rough Seas 

From Maria Moyer another interesting article on the non-digital
The Case for working with your hands

Of Course two books further help explain the Joy of building, studios and boats - Michael Pollen’s  “A Place Of My Own” and Michael Ruhlman’s “ Wooden Boats”

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Milling Nicasio Valley, The Video …

NO SOUND?  Yes this is tekkie, please click HQ  button ( image ) on the Video Player after playing, for high definition TV.  Note, Video starts 36 seconds into clip for now.

This is the footage from an earlier post made more or less exactly a year ago …

Sorry it took a while, at last, after a long while of fiddling with an old video format*, I’m able to get the footage up from Julie and Steve, I mixed it up to give the basic sequencing when Milling a Tree, in this case a black locust, an extremely strong lumber choice for sawn/grown frames. 

* AVI v1 ( file format no longer, supported by Adobe Premier Elements ( Really nice product btw, well worth the $79  ) Was able to convert it to a MPEG-4 with videoX so please … excuse the watermark in the video … Alaskan milling is fun!  … dusty + loud … tho’ so take a good facemask and noise protection … and above all keep your wits about you, Awareness is Key!  Alaskan Chainsaw Milling is potentially Dangerous Or Lethal do not attempt without extensive preparation and education.   Always operate mill with a remote throttle and rope pulling system in the event of the saw chain breaking and wound operator(s)