Monday, March 29, 2010

Milling with Bob round two

We went milling again this past weekend.  This time it was a white cedar that Jim my good arborist friend had recently felled.

Important lesson about the rpm’s keep them high, otherwise engine bogs down and the cut is not as fine.  Also keeping the pull lines parallel to the cut also can cause ‘skipping’ which causes a wrinkle cut that would be harder to square up later.

Good stuff!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Load water human line

While swimming today, I kept my body long and my waterline length maximized by keeping one hand out in front of me during the crawl stroke.  The longer the hull, the faster the body moving through water.  Given my 5’ 10” height that’s about 3.12 knots, but by increasing my overall length with an arm, say 1.5 feet more means another 1.64 knots, given the formula

Maximum Hull Speed = 1.34 * LWL1/2

It’s a good thing, given the necessary ramp up for South End’s September Alcatraz Challenge

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Memento Mori

Walking under the golden gate bridge, saw the coast guard unload a dead body, that was eventually loaded into a brown undertakers van.  The body was on a gurney and covered in a maroon blanket.

Water in lungs, not great. 

Possibly a Golden Gate jumper, or some unlucky fellow who went unseen overboard and succumbed to hypothermia?  What ever, it was shocking and a certain reminder of our mortality.